Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blog 001 - a new medium

After podcasting for a full year I thought I would add a blog. Why not?

My podcast, Fitness Rocks (, is posted every Saturday and covers recent medical research regarding the relationship between lifestyle habits and health or disease.

This blog will be a venue in which I can address whatever I want to, including fitness and health, but also random thoughts and observations.

I’m retired from medicine because I reached a point at which there was more I disliked about going to work each day than I liked. The technical term for that is “burned-out.” So, to say I am retired is really saying “I’ve gotten lost in this life and I’m trying to find my way again.” I suspect I’m not alone.


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Petraruns said...

Hey Monte - as always I'm late to the party but I was just listening to your interview with yourself which was really moving in its honesty. Whatever you feel may have caused your retirement, there is no doubt in my mind that you faced your worst fears and dealt with what you found in an honest way, and the only way from there is up. You're on a noble mission but it is never going to be easy - do not be dissuaded though. You're doing the right thing.