Monday, July 23, 2007

Blog 007 - e-mail from Catherine

Listeners to the Fitness Rocks podcast send me some wonderful e-mails sharing their ideas and enthusiasm for living a fit lifestyle. Catherine sent in a list of tips for starting an exercise program that I would like to post in this blog so that others can benefit from her experience getting hooked on working out.

Thanks for your wonderful podcast!  It has helped me finally commit to an exercise routine after (literally) years of being sedentary.  I am a 44-year old mother of two, and am now running (jogging, really)approximately 20 miles each week.

I have some tips that I would love to pass on to your listeners:

*Find a good time to exercise. The time that works for me is 6:00 a.m. I feel like I have already accomplished something at 7:00 a.m.

*Find a good route, if you're running or walking. I find that following the same route every day allows me the psychological satisfaction of knowing how far I've gone and how close I am to home.

*Find a way to make the exercise enjoyable. I look forward to listening to my downloaded podcasts (especially yours!); I try to download podcasts that are approximately 45 minutes long so I don't have to stop my run to reset my ipod. I wish the word could get out about the wonderful variety of free podcasts available on the web.

*If you're walking or running, choose a route that gets you at your furthest point from home at the midpoint of your exercise session. That way, you can't "give up." Even if you walk slowly all the way home, you're still getting exercise.

*Spend some money on your exercise clothes as you begin your new exercise program. In my previous attempts to exercise, I threw on old t-shirts and was constantly trying to roll up the sleeves as I walked or ran. The stopping interrupted my momentum, and I also got very hot. I now have tank tops specifically designed for running, with mesh insets to allow air flow. I can't tell you how much more comfortable I am. I can go further!

*Finally, reward yourself when you're finished. I sit down, read the paper, and drink two large glasses of sugar-free iced tea.

I hope others might benefit from these tips.
Thanks from one in the exercise/fitness trenches--

Great advice - and thanks to everybody who sends me e-mail.


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p2h said...

I like exercising early in the AM as well.

Exercising early both gives me a sense of satisfaction that carries through the rest of the day, and doesn't allow me the opportunity to talk myself into blowing it off after an especially rough day at the office.